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Flexibility Therapy and Prescription

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Flexibility Script Books:

Online & In Person in 2025

"Flexibility Script helps you achieve freedom of movement for life πŸ˜€!"​          -Laura Noyes, Creator of Flexibility Script

 Registration for Flexibility Script Courses being held LIVE/In Person will return in 2025:

 Flexibility Script Assessments

Flexibility Restoration

The Fleximobile Integration 


Into 2025, Flexibility Script courses will have both in person and online options to further your educational needs πŸ˜€. 

Release Your Flexibility Potential- $25

Release Your Flexibility Potential is available in Paperback format, and also available in eBook format on

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Learn how to safely integrate banded movement mobilizations to your movement practice with detailed instructions for performing them for the entire body. More than 175 pictures illustrate the movements to enhance your learning experience. The movements are organized by body part with easy-to-follow instructions. You can restore full range of motion to muscles and joints with banded movement mobilizations that aid in resetting the body into more stable and efficient positions, decreasing muscle and joint pain, improving neuromuscular mechanics, and preparing the muscles and nervous system for upcoming training demands. 

This is the first of more Flexibility Script books to come πŸ˜€!

Online and In Person in 2025

Flexibility Script Courses:​

Learn the specifics to stretching others effectively with the science behind flexibility restoration. Teach the best self care techniques for the entire body to help restore movement and improve flexibility

All Flexibility Script graduates can help others learn to move and feel their best with their specialty in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription! β€‹

With a scientific foundation in assessments, safely improve flexibility and mobility with the most up to date methods in stretching, self massage, and joint mobilizations.

Help empower all people regardless of age and fitness level to achieve freedom of movement for life πŸ˜€.


Online and In Person in 2025


Take the guesswork out of program design by assessing flexibility and mobility. Successfully help others reach their goals and provide positive results with the scientific foundation of assessments. 

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Flexibility Script courses award Continuing Education credits from the:

National Strength and Conditioning Association

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Athletics and Fitness Association of America

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Laura Noyes shares her passion in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription to empower, teach, and equip all individuals who want more from themselves

There is no one size fits all when it comes to releasing your flexibility potential. Effectively coach movement, mobilize the spine, and learn how to integrate band mobilizations to address the joint capsule for movement with flexibility and stability. 

​​Learn the science

behind flexibility and

its prescription to

help others move and

feel their best πŸ˜€!