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The Fleximobile Integration Course Objectives:

3.) Learn to integrate a combination of active and passive stretching methods uniquely designed to improve functional flexibility in your hips, spine, legs, shoulders, and more. Flexibility will not be maintained unless the existing limit is reached regularly, nor will it be improved unless that limit is exceeded. 

Date and Location: 

Sunday, October 22, 2023

8:30 am - 5:30 pm

in Gainesville, FL, at

The Wild Sky Pole Dance Studio

206 NW 10th Ave, Suite B

​Gainesville, FL, 32601


Continuing Education Credits to be Provided: 

0.8 NSCA CEUs​ (National Strength & Conditioning Association)

0.8 NASM CEUs (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

0.8 AFAA CEUs (Athletics and Fitness Association of America)

8 NCBTMB CE Hours (National CB for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork)

5.) Effectively coach movement faults to proper form so that mechanical inefficiencies disappear and potential injuries cease. Furthermore, using our new range of motion right away in an actual movement helps our brain keep track of these new ranges and we should experience or observe measurable improvement for a Fleximobile Integration 😊. 

2.) Learn how to safely integrate proven and effective banded movement mobilizations into exercise programs to help increase flexibility along with clearing restrictions and imbalances in the fascia and joints. 

The Fleximobile Integration

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*Course price includes The Fleximobile Integration manuals with over 250 pages of course content illustrating Fleximobile Integration methods and detailed instructions*

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​All Flexibility Script graduates can help others learn to move and feel their best with their specialty in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription.​ With a scientific foundation in assessments, safely improve flexibility and mobility with the most up to date methods in stretching, self massage, and joint mobilizations. Help empower all people regardless of age and fitness level to achieve freedom of movement for life 😀.

Upon completion of all Flexibility Script Courses, you are given a toolbox of different movements, mobilizations, active and passive stretching methods, and assessments. The knowledge gained helps you understand when, how, and why we apply different techniques depending on each individual's wants and needs. With Flexibility Script, you will hold the power to effectively change someone's quality of life and help them understand how they can move and feel their best😀.

Flexibility Therapy and Prescription 

4.) Understand the role inherited flexibility plays in range of motion and learn to identify

common movement faults that lead to loss of stability and result in movement compensations.

1.) Understand rehabilitation versus training similarities and learn the important role the spine plays in health and movement. Become proficient in teaching thoracic spine mobilizations to improve posture, restore overhead shoulder mobility, and total body movement mechanics.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to releasing your flexibility potential. Effectively coach movement, help your spine, and learn to integrate band mobilizations for movement with flexibility and stability at The Fleximobile Integration 😊​.

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."-Dalai Lama

The Fleximobile Integration course unites movement, flexibility, and mobility with integrative mobilizations that address restrictions at the joints, muscles, and spine. We are as old as our spine and our body is a system of systems. Movement dysfunction is broadcasted up and down the kinetic chain and displays itself in problems throughout the body in the presence of an immobile spine. Release your flexibility potential with mobilizations that help the spine, alongside banded movement mobilizations to clear joint restrictions to achieve freedom of movement for life. ​​​

The Fleximobile Integration course will provide a skill set to determine and restore full range of motion and neuromuscular coordination to anyone, regardless of age and fitness level. When helping others learn to move and feel their best, knowing how to ​identify common movement faults and effectively coach proper form will make mechanical inefficiencies disappear and cease the chance for potential injury. 

Learn to not limit yourself to one technique. We need different methods so that we can cover all the different components of our restrictions and help others as well. Most of these methods can be used in combination. Mix and match in the way that gets the job done and affects the greatest amount of change in the shortest period of time, leading to a successful Flexibility Script 😊.