The Fleximobile Integration Course Objectives:

Continuing Education Credits Provided: 

1.4 NASM CEUs (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

1.4 NSCA CEUs​ (National Strength & Conditioning Association)

14 NCBTMB CE Hours (National CB for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork)

14 AFAA CEUs (Athletics and Fitness Association of America)

14 PTA Global CECs (Personal Training Academy Global)

2.) Properly utilize Floss Compression/Voodoo Band Mobilizations to help improve muscle range of motion, restore joint mechanics, reduce swelling, improve pain, and improve recovery of sprains and strains. Floss Compression bands allows for a global compression around a joint or muscle, followed by the ability to introduce movement while it is in a compressed state. When the compression of the band is released in less than two minutes, blood floods in with nutrients into poorly saturated joints and tissues. This is especially valuable for those connective tissues that don’t easily get a lot of blood flow. It also reduces swelling and revives the joint. When a joint is swollen, the natural stream of information from proprioceptors is lost, and joint mechanics suffer as nerve endings get dulled. The Floss Compression/Voodoo band pushes swelling back into the lymphatic system helping to decrease swelling (particularly in sprains/strains) and increases muscle activation. 

The Fleximobile Integration

4.) Learn how to identify common movement faults that lead to injury. Effectively coach movement faults to proper form so that mechanical inefficiencies disappear and potential injuries cease. Furthermore, using our new range of motion right away in an actual movement helps our brain keep track of these new ranges. If we mobilized the right area and implemented the appropriate Flexibility Script techniques, one should experience or observe measurable improvement for a Fleximobile Integration 😊. 

Flexibility Therapy and Prescription 

Course Price:  $549

Flexibility therapy and prescription delves into the science of optimizing flexibility. Through detailed assessments, we can pinpoint the areas of restriction and take the guessing out of the equation in order to create balance in our bodies. 

Flexibility can be optimized through detailed assessments, reduction of fascial tension, restoring proper joint position, and stretching techniques. Flexibility Script techniques utilizing myofascial releases, band mobilizations, integrative stretching, and movement can improve multiple functions in the body that aid movement efficiency.  

All Flexibility Script Courses are continually updated with the most up to date information to help you and others achieve freedom of movement for life. Upon completion of all three courses, you are given a toolbox of different movements, mobilizations, active and passive stretching techniques, and assessments. The knowledge gained  lets you understand when, how, and why we apply  the different techniques depending on each individual's wants and needs. With Flexibility Script, you will hold the power to effectively change someone's quality of life and help them understand how they can move and feel their best 😀.

​Complete all three Flexibility Script Continuing Education Courses:

Flexibility Script Assessments
Flexibility Restoration
The Fleximobile Integration

​In any order within a three year period and receive your Certificate in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription upon completion of all three courses. 

​The knowledge and expertise gained from each Flexibility Script course will directly tie in with the other courses offered, rendering full expertise in flexibility therapy and its prescription  when all courses are attended. 

​Each course is offered once every calendar year out of Flexibility Script's home base of Gainesville, FL. Each course awards 8 to 14 hours of Continuing Education Credits for NSCA, NASM, NCBTMB, AFAA, and PTA Global. If interested in having  Flexibility Script Continuing Education Courses out to educate in your city/state, email us at for more information.

Unite movement, flexibility, and motor control with integrative mobilizations at     The Fleximobile Integration course 😊.

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​Cancellation/Refund Policies: Refunds are made according to the following schedule: 60 days or more until event: 100%; 45-60 days 75%; 30-45 days: 50%; 15-29 days:  25%; two weeks or less until event: $0. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this refund policy. ​It is allowable for you to transfer your registration to somebody else, although it is your responsibility to identify the individual and make any financial arrangements directly with them. If a course is cancelled for any reason, a full refund  shall be provided. Course may be canceled if a minimum number of attendance is not reached two weeks prior to training.  If it looks like a class will have to be cancelled due to Mother Nature, we will do our very best to contact you and give you as much notice as possible. With that said, please make your travel plans accordingly, knowing that we are not responsible for acts of God and cannot refund travel expenses related to cancelled/rescheduled courses. No refunds are given for not showing up to course if registered.​​​

3.) Learn to integrate a combination of active and passive stretching techniques uniquely designed to improve functional flexibility in your hips, spine, legs, shoulders, and more. Flexibility will not be maintained unless the existing limit is reached regularly, nor will it be improved unless that limit is exceeded. Master and take control of how far you can reach with Fleximobility techniques that unite movement, flexibility, and motor control. 

*Course price includes manuals at The Fleximobile Integration with over 300 pages of course content illustrating some Fleximobile Integration ​techniques and instructions on performing them as well* ​

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."-Dalai Lama

Help yourself and others learn to properly self care to prevent injuries, recover from strains and sprains, ​​​and break acute or chronic injury cycles. The Fleximobile Integration course unites movement, flexibility, and motor control with integrative mobilizations that address restrictions at the joint and in the muscles.

1.) Learn how to safely integrate proven and effective banded movement mobilizations into exercise programs to help in increasing flexibility along with clearing restrictions and imbalances in the fascia and joints. The Joint Capsule is perhaps the least talked about and/or understood flexibility component that can ultimately affect healthy joint range of motion and tissue health. Most stretching techniques focus on stretching isolated, individual muscles. While this approach does have success, in some cases, it can fail to provide lasting results. When range of motion in a joint is restricted, range of motion in the muscle is also restricted. Restriction in one joint capsule can then lead to restrictions and compensations in other parts of the body. Learn how to safely restore and gain joint flexibility with the use of Pull Up Bands to improve hip, shoulder, hamstring, back, neck, ankle and wrist flexibility.

When helping others learn to move and feel their best, it is important to know how to ​identify common movement faults that lead to injury. Learning to pre-habilitate movement restrictions with the use of banded movement mobilizations, floss compression/voodoo bands, and coaching movement with proper form will make mechanical inefficiencies automatically disappear and the chance for potential injury cease. ​

The Fleximobile Integration course will provide a skill set to prescribe and restore full range of movement and neuromuscular coordination to anyone, regardless of age and fitness level. Learn to NOT limit yourself to one technique. We need different methods so that we can cover all the different components of our restrictions and help others as well. Most of these methods can be used in combination. Mix and match in the way that gets the job done and affects the greatest amount of change in the shortest period of time, leading to a successful Flexibility Script 😊.