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October 12th & 13th, 2019

"Flexibility Script helps you achieve freedom of movement for life πŸ˜€!"​          -Laura Noyes, Creator of Flexibility Script

​ Take ownership of your body's needs and learn the best techniques to help you keep moving, recovering well, staying injury free, and most importantly FEELING GREAT πŸ˜€!


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Unite movement, flexibility, and motor control with integrative mobilizations that address restrictions at the joint and in the muscles with the use of banded movement mobilizations, floss compression/voodoo bands, and coaching movement faults.

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Delve into the science of Corrective and Active flexibility to help properly stretch someone along with teaching the best self myofascial releases to further increase range of motion for the entire body. 

Laura Noyes shares her passion in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription to empower, teach, and equip all individuals who want more from themselves

​​​April 13th, 2019

Detailed postural and range of movement assessments will uncover flexibility imbalances between the left and right side, inherited flexibility, movement restrictions, and more to successfully improve 

flexibility, mitigate injury, and improve sports performance.

All Flexibility Script Continuing Education Courses award NSCA, NCBTMB, NASM, AFAA, and PTA Global Continuing Education Credits.

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July 20th & 21st, 2019​

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Flexibility Therapy and Prescription

​upon successful completion of all​ Three Flexibility Script Courses: Flexibility Script Assessments, Flexibility Restoration, and

The Fleximobile Integration 

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Release Your Flexibility Potential- $20

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Learn how to safely integrate banded movement mobilizations to your movement practice with detailed instructions for performing banded movement mobilizations for the entire body. More than 175 pictures illustrate the movements to enhance your learning experience. The movements are organized by body part with easy-to-follow illustrated steps. You can restore full range of motion to muscles and joints with banded movement mobilizations that aid in resetting the body into more stable and efficient positions, decreasing muscle and joint pain, improving neuromuscular mechanics, and preparing the muscles and nervous system for upcoming training demands. 

This is the first of more Flexibility Script books to come πŸ˜€!