Flexibility Script Videos utilizing Balls:

Inclinometer - $150

US Neurologicals

Isomed Bi-Level Inclinometer

RockTape - $20

Colors/Designs on Tape Varies

RockTape can be used both to apply compression to promote recovery, or decompression to relieve pain and swelling

 7' 2" Standard Size Floss Compression Band - $15

The VYPER and HYPERSPHERE combine the pressure component of self myofascial release with the power of high intensity vibration at three different levels of intensity, to dramatically increase range of motion by up to 40%! Current studies demonstrate that using these tools significantly decreases pain associated with myofascial release on trigger points, leading to a more positive rolling experience in comparison to using non-vibration foam rollers and balls.​​

 10' 3" Large Size FlossCompression Band - $18

Flexibility Script Videos utilizing Mobility Peanuts:

​Hyperice Mobility Tools:

Welcome to Free Education by Flexibility Script 😊!

Release Your Flexibility Potential- $20

Release Your Flexibility Potential is available here in Paperback format. It is also available in eBook format on Amazon.com. 

All books ordered here will be signed by

Laura Noyes 😊!

Learn how to safely integrate banded movement mobilizations to your movement practice with detailed instructions for performing banded movement mobilizations for the entire body. More than 175 pictures illustrate the movements to enhance your learning experience. The movements are organized by body part with easy-to-follow illustrated steps. You can restore full range of motion to muscles and joints with banded movement mobilizations that aid in resetting the body into more stable and efficient positions, decreasing muscle and joint pain, improving neuromuscular mechanics, and preparing the muscles and nervous system for upcoming training demands.

 Heavy Band - $22

​30 to 50 lbs of tension

3/4" x 41"

Color: Neon Cobalt

Power Band - $38

​50 to 120 lbs of tension

​1-3/4" x 41"

Color: Neon Green

Flexibility Script Videos utilizing Foam Rollersor Hyperice Tools:

HYPERSPHERE by Hyperice - $149 

3 Speed High Intensity Fitness Ball

Other Helpful Flexibility Tools:

Flexibility Script Videos on Stretching and Flexibility/Mobility Conditioning:

Flexibility Script Videos utilizing Floss Compression/Voodoo Bands:

VYPER 2.0 by Hyperice - $199 

3 Speed High Intensity Fitness Roller

This short intro video to the right sets the stage for the growing library of Flexibility Script videos below 😊.

Flexibility Script techniques utilizing myofascial releases, band mobilizations, integrative stretching, and movement can improve multiple functions in the body that aid movement efficiency. ​​ 

All Flexibility Script Courses and Workshops delve into the science of optimizing flexibility and the application of all techniques to prevent and restore pain free freedom of movement.

Lacrosse Ball Peanut - $6

Bands for Mobilizations (and Resistance Training too!) by Rubberbanditz:

RockBalls - $20

Pack comes with both Balls Pictured

Flexibility Script Books by Laura Noyes:

Pinky Ball Peanut - $6

Flexibility Script Videos on Flexibility Techniques, Inherited Flexibility, and Injury Prevention:

Mobility Balls and Peanuts:

The vibration technology infused in the VYPER and HYPERSPHERE have an impact on mechanoreceptors within our muscles, helping to clarify why they are successful at optimizing flexibility and improving performance when used as our primary tools for self myofascial release. Pacinian corpuscles and Ruffini endings are the mechanoreceptors that are primarily responsive to rapid pressure changes, like that of vibration. They also aid in global muscle relaxation when slow and steady pressure is used when rolling. Stimulating them will result in improved proprioceptive feedback and controlled motor movement. Their stimulation is a must prior to activity and great for alleviating pain, and to aid in recovery post activity.

Flexibility can be optimized through detailed assessments, reduction of fascial tension, restoring proper joint position, and stretching techniques.

Flexibility Script techniques utilizing myofascial releases, band mobilizations, integrative stretching, and movement can improve multiple functions in the body that aid movement efficiency. 

Robust Band - $29

40 to 80 lbs of tension

1-1/8" x 41"

Colors: Purple and Pink

Floss Compression Bands "aka Voodoo Bands" by Rubberbanditz:

Flexibility encompasses so much more than meets the eye.  Tight muscles are often thought of as shortened muscles, but this is not always the case. Trying to stretch the tightness felt in a muscle  can increase injury potential if the tightness is not accompanied by a lack of range of motion. Strong, tensile forces of the muscle and fascia surrounding the specific joint determine flexibility.

Lacrosse Ball - $3

​Colors Vary

Door Anchor - $5

by Thera-Loop 

for anchoring Banded Movement Mobilizations

Rock Sauce Fire - $15

Pain Relief Cream from the makers of RockTape

​Flexibility tools can help you recover, release, and reach your flexibility potential 😊.  Check out the growing library of Free Education Videos at the bottom of this page to integrate Flexiblity Script techniques with these tools.

The items below are available for purchase at all Flexibility Script Courses and Workshops, and are also available for shipping to anywhere in the United States. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing and delivery upon purchase. 

Flexibility Script is in the process of rebuilding a new website to debut 2023. The new website will offer online flexibility/fitness classes, along with workshops and continuing education opportunities 😀. Due to new website construction, items below are still available to purchase and be shipped to you but order processing has shifted to emailing FlexibilityScript@gmail.com to create your custom order and shipping.  

Light Band - $10

5 to 15 lbs of tension

​1/4" x 41"

Color: Yellow

Pinky Ball  - $3

Medium Band - $15

​15 to 35 lbs of tension

1/2" x 41"

Color: Red

Flexibility Tools & Free Education

Flexibility Script Videos on Banded Movement Mobilizations: