Flexibility therapy and prescription delves into the science of optimizing flexibility. Through detailed assessments, we can pinpoint the areas of restriction and take the guessing out of the equation in order to create balance in our bodies. 

Flexibility can be optimized through detailed assessments, reduction of fascial tension, restoring proper joint position, and range of motion techniques with stretching. Flexibility Script techniques utilizing myofascial releases, band mobilizations, integrative stretching, and movement can improve multiple functions in the body that aid movement efficiency.  

All Flexibility Script Courses are continually updated with the most up to date information to help you and others achieve freedom of movement for life. Upon completion of all three courses, you are given a toolbox of different movements, mobilizations, active and passive stretching techniques, and assessments. The knowledge gained  lets you understand when, how, and why we apply  the different techniques depending on each individual's wants and needs. With Flexibility Script, you will hold the power to effectively change someone's quality of life and help them understand how they can move and feel their bestūüėÄ.

‚ÄčComplete all three Flexibility Script Continuing Education Courses:

Flexibility Script Assessments
Flexibility Restoration
The Fleximobile Integration

‚ÄčIn any order within a three year period and receive your Certificate in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription upon completion of all three courses. 

‚ÄčThe knowledge and expertise gained from each Flexibility Script course will directly tie in with the other courses offered, rendering full expertise in flexibility therapy and its prescription when all courses are attended. 

‚ÄčEach course is offered once every calendar year out of Flexibility Script's home base of Gainesville, FL. Each course awards 8 to 14 hours of Continuing Education Credits for NSCA, NASM, NCBTMB, AFAA, and PTA Global. If interested in having  Flexibility Script Continuing Education Courses out to educate in your city/state, email us at FlexibilityScript@gmail.com for more information.

Register for Flexibility Script Assessments:‚Äč‚Äč

Email FlexibilityScript@gmail.com to host this course in your area.


‚ÄčCancellation/Refund Policies: Refunds are made according to the following schedule: 60 days or more until event: 100%; 45-60 days 75%; 30-45 days: 50%; 15-29 days:  25%; two weeks or less until event: $0. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this refund policy. ‚ÄčIt is allowable for you to transfer your registration to somebody else, although it is your responsibility to identify the individual and make any financial arrangements directly with them. If a course is cancelled for any reason, a full refund  shall be provided. Course may be canceled if a minimum number of attendance is not reached two weeks prior to training.  If it looks like a class will have to be cancelled due to Mother Nature, we will do our very best to contact you and give you as much notice as possible. With that said, please make your travel plans accordingly, knowing that we are not responsible for acts of God and cannot refund travel expenses related to cancelled/rescheduled courses. No refunds are given for not showing up to course if registered.‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč

Continuing Education Credits Provided:  
0.8 NASM CEUs (National Academy of Sports Medicine) 
0.8 NSCA CEUs‚Äč (National Strength & Conditioning Association) 
8 NCBTMB CE Hours (National CB for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork) 
8 AFAA CEUs (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) 
8 PTA Global CECs (Personal Training Academy Global) 

‚Äč‚ÄčOur bodies are intelligent in the way they respond and adapt to the demands placed on them. They follow the path of least resistance and will always strive to find the easiest way for us to continue to move through the motions asked until, if not properly addressed, it no longer can. Flexibility Script Assessments gives health and fitness professionals the ability to numerically identify posture and movement inefficiencies before they lead to potential pain, injury, and decreased performance.

Flexibility Script Assessments

Learn in depth assessments to optimize movement, improve sports performance, and mitigate injury at the Flexibility Script Assessments course ūüėÉ!

Email FlexibilityScript@gmail.com to host this course in your area.

Course Price:  $349

*Course price includes the Flexibility Script Assessments manual with over 70 pages of course content, assessments and instructions on performing them as well*

The Inclinometer used in this Flexibility Script Assessments course is a US Neurologicals Isomed bi-level Inclinometer. Inclinometers will be available for use as well as purchase on the day of the course or order online on our Flexibility Tools page.  

If you are not Assessing, you are Guessing ūüė≥! 

Flexibility Script Assessments is the starting point to achieving freedom of movement for life. Having the ability to uncover and pinpoint someone's specific needs takes the guesswork out of program design. Individualizing the program design will help improve the flexibility and movement function of anyone, regardless of age and fitness level. Successfully help others reach their goals and ensure positive results with the scientific foundation of Flexibility Script Assessments.

Flexibility Therapy and Prescription 

Flexibility Script Assessments Course Objectives:

1.) Learn how to assess imbalances, pinpoint areas of restriction on each side of the body, and uncover the movements that lack range of motion required for daily activities. Successfully identify the key factors to address to restore optimal movement, prevent injury, and improve sports performance.


2.) Learn to perform comprehensive postural/spinal assessments. Utilize an inclinometer to measure the curvature of the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine, along with how the spine moves in flexion and extension.  The numerical data attained will aid in designing effective programs to improve posture and movement. 

‚Äč3.) Learn the importance of assessing a clients inherited flexibility that can greatly impact program design and prevent injury. Become proficient in hypo- and hyper- mobility assessments to properly design a flexibility script based on an individual‚Äôs mobility (which may involve not stretching at all!).


4.) Learn neurodynamic testing that can impact range of motion. Since movement involves a beautifully complex interaction between the muscular, nervous, and articular systems, it is important that assessments take into account how the nervous system can solely impact range of movement performance. 

5.)  Gain expertise on how to properly use the Inclinometer to achieve a fast, standardized, and reproducible technique for measuring posture and range of movement in the most commonly measured body joints that impact our bodies ability to run, squat, pull, push, bend, twist‚Ķ‚Ķ.and ultimately live with freedom of movement without compensation.