A Flexibility Script Workshop

A Flexibility Script Workshop

Recovery is one of the most often overlooked parts of training programs. Becoming stronger and preventing injury all happen when proper recovery techniques are integrated. Learn proven and effective recovery/injury prevention techniques that will also help in increasing flexibility! 

This Flexibility Script workshop covers myofascial releases and mobilizations utilizing balls, mobility peanuts, and Floss Compression bands (aka voodoo bands). The workshop will end with a brief tutorial on utilizing RockTape/Kinesio-Taping to further aid in injury treatment and prevention.

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, Flexibility Script courses will help you empower all people regardless of age and fitness level to achieve freedom of movement for life ūüėÄ.

‚ÄčComplete all three Flexibility Script Continuing Education Courses:

Flexibility Script Assessments

Flexibility Restoration

‚ÄčThe Fleximobile Integration

‚ÄčIn any order within a three year period and receive your Certificate in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription upon completion of all three courses. 


‚ÄčThe knowledge and expertise gained from each Flexibility Script course will directly tie in with the other courses offered, rendering full expertise in flexibility therapy and its prescription when all courses are attended. 

Each course is offered once every calendar year out of Flexibility Script's home base of Gainesville, FL. Each course awards 8 to 14 hours of Continuing Education Credits for NSCA, NASM, NCBTMB, AFAA, and PTA Global. If interested in having  Flexibility Script Continuing Education Courses out to educate in your city/state, email us at for more information.


Courses & Workshops 

‚ÄčAre you a health and fitness professional looking to:

Learn the best methods to successfully help others move and feel their best? ‚Äč

Improve someone's flexibility and mobility with the most up to date techniques?

Numerically assess posture and learn how to improve it?

Pinpoint imbalances in muscular tension and shortness to resolve pain and movement restrictions?

Pre-habilitate movement restrictions that could lead to injury?

Safely prescribe the best techniques to help others achieve positive results?


Help others learn to self care to help prevent injuries, recover from strains and sprains, ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč

and break acute or chronic injury cycles?

‚Äč‚ÄčInterested in hosting a Flexibility Script Workshop or Continuing Education Course in your area? Email us at for booking workshops, courses, and for more information. 

Workshops are 90 minutes in length and athletes of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. Special requests for parts of the body or injuries wanting to be addressed can be made, along with the workshop being geared to certain athlete populations in mind (like office workers, runners, tri-athletes, CrossFitters, aerial athletes, pre-and post-natal, elderly, youth/teen sports, etc).
All tools used in the workshops will be supplied for use at the workshop and will also available for purchase at the end of the workshops.

A Flexibility Script Workshop 

The Joint Capsule is perhaps the least talked about and/or understood flexibility component that can ultimately affect healthy joint range of motion and tissue health. Most stretching techniques focus on stretching isolated, individual muscles. While this approach does have success, in some cases, it can fail to provide lasting results. This is because the isolated muscle by muscle approach to stretching can fail to address research that shows that 50% of a healthy person‚Äôs lack of flexibility is due to tightness in the joint capsule. 

Learn proven and effective banded movement mobilizations that will help in increasing flexibility along with clearing restrictions and imbalances in the fascia and joints. Banded movement mobilizations utilize a Pull Up Band for stretching and restoring proper joint positioning. When range of motion in a joint is restricted, range of motion in the muscle is also restricted. Restriction in one joint capsule can then lead to restrictions and compensations in other parts of the body. Learning how to restore and gain joint flexibility with the Pull Up Band is time well invested in avoiding injuries that can take weeks to recover from, and that may force extended rest.

This Flexibility Script workshop will cover the use of Pull Up Band mobilizations for restoring and improving hip, shoulder, hamstring, back, neck, ankle and wrist flexibility. The workshop will end with a brief tutorial on utilizing Floss Compression bands (aka voodoo bands) to integrate myofascial release into the banded movement mobilizations.

REACH: the Ability or Power of someone or something to Do, Achieve, or Control something. 

Reaching your personal flexibility goals can happen when you learn to master full control of your range of motion. Learn why being active with your mobility is an important part of preventing injury and making consistent flexibility gains. Breathe deep and actively REACH your flexibility goals by integrating fleximobile techniques.

Fleximobility techniques unite movement, flexibility, and motor control. REACH integrates a combination of active and passive stretching techniques uniquely designed to improve functional flexibility in your hips, spine, legs, shoulders, and more. Flexibility will not be maintained unless the existing limit is reached regularly, nor will it be improved unless that limit is exceeded. Master and take control of how far you can REACH.

This Flexibility Script workshop will cover using your own body to achieve increased flexibility by properly implementing stretching techniques that will help exceed existing range of motion limitations. The workshop will end with a brief tutorial on utilizing Floss Compression bands(aka voodoo bands) to integrate myofascial release into the fleximobility techniques.

‚Äč‚ÄčFlexibility Script Workshops help everyone in attendance learn the best Flexibility Script techniques to help them RECOVER, RELEASE, and REACH (these are actually the names of the three workshops, hence the all caps ūüėä). Workshops are uniquely customized to the individuals in attendance.

Flexibility Script Continuing Education Courses award Continuing Education Credits for health and fitness professionals. Completion of all three Flexibility Script courses: Flexibility Script Assessments, Flexibility Restoration, and The Fleximobile Integration, awards professionals with a certificate in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription

Certificate of Completion in

Flexibility Therapy and Prescription

Take ownership of your body's needs and learn the best techniques to help you keep moving, recovering well, staying injury free, and most importantly FEELING GREAT ūüėÄ!

‚ÄčFlexibility Script offers Workshops along with Continuing Education Courses that are designed to help everyone achieve freedom of movement for life with Flexibility Therapy and Prescription.‚Äč