Dr. Kelly Starrett with Laura Noyes at CrossFit Mobility Course.

Laura Noyes received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida in 2005. Upon graduation, she pursued her career as a Personal Trainer and received her Training Certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2005. Her passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals helped her gain expertise in varied fields of fitness with a focus on Flexibility and Corrective Exercise.  Laura earned her Active Isolation Stretching Therapy Certification under the instruction of Aaron Mattes, creator of Active Isolation Stretching: the Mattes Method. She also earned her Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine,  Integrative Massage and Personal Training Certified Trainer (IMAP), CrossFit Mobility Specialty, RockTape Movability Specialty, Kinstretch FRC Mobility Specialist, and a Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialty and Group Exercise Instructor through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America.  

Laura began teaching Flexibility Workshops and Orientations in 2006 to Personal Trainers and the local community. Laura Noyes started Flexibility Script in 2013 for Health and Fitness Professionals to gain expertise on the science and application of Flexibility and Mobility all while earning Continuing Education Credits towards their certifications/licenses.

Flexibility Script seeks to help others move and feel their best and offers free educational videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Learn self care techniques and get a small preview as to what Flexibility Script Courses and Workshops offer 😀! 

Check out the Free Education page for Happy Training and Educating 😀!

​Flexibility therapy and prescription delves into the science of optimizing flexibility. Through detailed assessments, we can pinpoint the areas of restriction and take the guessing out of the equation in order to create balance in our bodies. 

Flexibility can be optimized through detailed assessments, reduction of fascial tension, restoring proper joint position, and stretching techniques. Flexibility Script techniques utilizing myofascial releases, band mobilizations, integrative stretching, and movement can improve multiple functions in the body that aid movement efficiency. 

All Flexibility Script Courses are continually updated with the most up to date information to help you and others achieve freedom of movement for life. Upon completion of all three courses, you are given a toolbox of different movements, mobilizations, active and passive stretching techniques, and assessments. The knowledge gained  lets you understand when, how, and why we apply  the different techniques depending on each individual's wants and needs. With Flexibility Script, you will hold the power to effectively change someone's quality of life and help them understand how they can move and feel their best.

Laura Noyes shares her passion in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription to empower, teach, and equip all individuals who want more from themselves. 

Are you a health and fitness professional looking to:

Learn the best methods to successfully help others move and feel their best? ​

Improve someone's flexibility and mobility with the most up to date techniques?

Numerically assess posture and learn how to improve it?

Pinpoint imbalances in muscular tension and shortness to resolve pain and movement restrictions?

Pre-habilitate movement restrictions that could lead to injury?

Safely prescribe the best techniques to help others achieve positive results?

Help others learn to self care to help prevent injuries, recover from strains and sprains, ​​

and break acute or chronic injury cycles?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, Flexibility Script courses will help you empower all people regardless of age and fitness level to achieve freedom of movement for life 😀.

​Complete all three Flexibility Script Continuing Education Courses:

Flexibility Script Assessments

Flexibility Restoration

​The Fleximobile Integration

​In any order within a three year period and receive your Certificate in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription upon completion of all three courses. 

​The knowledge and expertise gained from each Flexibility Script course will directly tie in with the other courses offered, rendering full expertise in flexibility therapy and its prescription when all courses are attended. 

Each course is offered once every calendar year out of Flexibility Script's home base of Gainesville, FL. Each course awards 8 to 14 hours of Continuing Education Credits for NSCA, NASM, NCBTMB, AFAA, and PTA Global. If interested in having  Flexibility Script Continuing Education Courses out to educate in your city/state, email us at FlexibilityScript@gmail.com for more information.

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